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Our Attorneys

Zuber Lawler & Del Duca recruits only the highest caliber attorneys so that we can provide our clients throughout the world with better results on high-stakes matters.

Our litigation partners have achieved favorable outcomes in over 85% of their trials. Our transactional attorneys likewise bring a track record for exceptional results in complex deals and regulatory matters.

With an emphasis on cultural and language diversity, and attorneys dually trained in both common and civil law systems, Zuber Lawler & Del Duca focuses on managing the most complex matters of the world's greatest companies, both domestically and across borders.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 19 of 21 Trials

    Jay Maloney

    Financial & IP

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    Jay successfully defended a major national bank against a claim of fraud by a British bank in connection with their agreement giving the national bank ownership of their joint client's copper assets valued at over $250 million.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 8 of 9 Trials

    Daniel Mansueto

    Eminent Domain & Environmental

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    As lead counsel for a California state entity, Dan achieved utter victory against claims of $100 million asserted by various county and municipal entities – the largest litigation against the State of California to that point.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 4 of 5 Trials

    Alan C. Chen


    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    On behalf of a manufacturer in the desktop stationery industry, obtained a jury verdict of willful infringement in a crucial patent trial involving multiple patent claims relating to the client's core product that covered complex issues including doctrine of equivalents, inequitable conduct, and inventorship fraud, allowing the client to stay in business in the U.S.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 3 of 4 Trials

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    Mark successfully defended a video game company in a bet-the-company trial for alleged infringement of its entire product line by three of its competitor’s patents. Two of the patents were found to be invalid and not infringed, and liability on the third patent was limited to damages for past infringement because of the design-around recommendations Mark made at the start of his representation of the company.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 6 of 8 Trials

    Don Hernandez

    IP & Health Care

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    Don represented a health care provider in a 3-week jury trial relating to a contract dispute, obtaining a verdict of $3 million – over 95% of the amount sought.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 5 of 5 Trials

    Laura J. Carroll


    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    In a precedent-setting case involving the flooding of a large residential neighborhood, Laura represented a plaintiff real estate developer against one of the country's largest cemetery owners for failure to maintain a massive storm water easement. Laura achieved victory on the specific performance claims, as well as attorneys fees and significant punitive damages.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 1 of 2 Trials

    Jeff Zuber

    IP & Commercial

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    Jeff served as lead counsel in a bench trial on behalf of a real estate holding company and various shareholders against an opposing shareholder claiming control of the company, obtaining control of the company for the client.

  • Favorable Outcomes: 34 of 41 Trials

    A Sample High-Stakes Win:

    Rob successfully defended a global medical device manufacturer/distributor in bet-the-company patent infringement litigation brought by a Fortune 100 company, invalidating the patent. He also successfully argued against the appeal to the Federal Circuit, sustaining the jury's verdict of patent invalidity.