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Government Procurement Law

The firm’s work for clients includes expertise in government contracting matters, techniques, statutory and regulatory requirements and practical issues such as:

  • proposing or bidding on Federal contracts to be awarded;
  • systems for effective performance of such contracts;
  • creating and awarding subcontracts;
  • conforming to increasingly stringent requirements of U.S. regulations, statutes and prohibitions;
  • counseling on protection of company intellectual property rights while performing government contracts and thereafter;
  • navigating the Government’s several kinds of regulations, e.g. Federal Acquisition Regulation, Defense FAR Supplement, and Department of Commerce regulations on export controls;
  • bidders’ right to protest awards to their competitors (and in appropriate circumstances recover administrative and legal costs of pursuing such protests);
  • responding to threatened or actual Government terminations of contracts for the “convenience” of the Government or for the “default” of the performing contractor;
  • complying with recent rules on “conflict minerals” and associated record-keeping requirements;
  • understanding the Government’s powers and procedures with regard to security clearances that may permit contractor employees and/or legal staff to access classified information;
  • the “Changes” clause inserted in virtually all Government contracts; and
  • statutes and regulations governing contractor duties toward their own employees.