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Intellectual Property Law

Nearly every business confronts the challenge of protecting and leveraging its IP assets.  This challenge is formidable now more than ever, with the forces of globalization and technology continually altering the shape of IP law and with virtually anyone capable of creating, copying and transferring digital data in a few keystrokes.

Our IP team is internationally recognized for the results we have obtained across a broad range of IP matters involving a variety of technologies, creative works, and distinguishing marks, slogans, and designs.  Our practice covers all aspects of IP support and protection, including copyright, patent, trade secret, and trademark. We provide strategic IP counsel to companies at all stages of growth, assisting our clients to acquire, manage, license, develop, prosecute, and defend IP in all forms.

IP Litigation

Whether plaintiff or defendant, we understand that clients want an IP litigation team focused on the best possible outcome for their case and business objectives.  When faced with an IP dispute, the stakes can be staggering, and a loss may even put an end to a business.

Such potential risks require a deep knowledge of the law and the technology, science, creative, and/or business components at issue as well as a seasoned, effective, and strategic litigation approach and a thorough understanding of the client’s operations and goals, carried out in the most cost-efficient manner possible.  Our archive of experience in the IP area provides us with the knowledge and tools to handle all types of cases, large or small, complex or straightforward, and we have worked with clients in virtually every industry.

We begin with an assessment of the potential risks and rewards of the dispute and provide practical, results-oriented advice and creative solutions.  We understand that victory comes though various channels and in different forms, and we are fully prepared to litigate through trial and appeal.  We also have an impressive track record of obtaining our clients’ goals before trial.

We are experienced in all aspects of IP disputes, including copyrights, the protection of trade secrets, trademarks, patents, and the unfair competition and antitrust issues so often involved in IP matters.  To each one, we bring impressive legal expertise, creative and strategic vision, and technical understanding.  Clients also call upon us when they have significant business disputes with intellectual property overtones, such as licensing, the transfer or sale of IP rights, and transactions involving technology.

IP Counseling and Registration

We work with clients to build, manage, and maintain their IP portfolios on a worldwide basis.  We advise our clients on how to enforce and obtain value from their IP property without resorting to litigation.  In addition, we counsel clients regarding the avoidance of IP disputes and how to respond to and resolve threatened litigation concerning IP claims.

IP Transactions and Licensing

We frequently assist clients with matters related to the acquisition, creation, development, exploitation, integration, use, licensing, marketing, financing, and sale of IP and technology.  Our IP lawyers work closely with our corporate lawyers on IP matters that come up as part of complex mergers and acquisitions, financings, outsourcing transactions, and technology licensing.